General Conference 2020

This page is designed to be a resource of information about the United Methodist Church's upcoming General Conference in Minneapolis, MN on May 5-15. Much of the conversation surrounding this year's G.C. has to do with a potential split of the church. The below links are resources of plans of separation and thoughts on those plans from both all sides of the issues.  General Conference meets every 4 years and is the only body of the church that can speak for the whole church.

  • This site is on our denomination's website that provides all the ins and out of General Conference.

  • This is a page on our denomination's website for G.C. 2020. It has compiled all the proposed plans for separation. You can read them all there and compare them.

  • This is a page on our own South Georgia Annual Conference's website about General Conference. You can read statements from our Bishop and the Leadership Forum about their thoughts on the different plans of separation.

  • This is a blog run by the Rev. Chris Ritter, the pastor of Geneseo First UMC in Illinois. He has done a great job of compiling news articles, blog posts and opinions from prominent UMC leaders on all sides of this potential separation. This a great resource.

  • The WCA as described on their website is "an association or network of individuals and congregations who share a common understanding of our Wesleyan doctrine and desire to become a vibrant, faithful, growing 21st-century church."  They have put out a draft book of discipline for a potential new "Traditional Methodist Church."  You can read that HERE.