disaffiliation process

Before a Church Conference is called to vote on disaffiliating from the United Methodist Church, these steps will take place:

  • Administrative Council notifies our District Superintendent of our desire to have a vote to disaffiliate. [COMPLETED]
  • The D.S. has 120 days to call a Church Conference to take a vote. [SCHEDULED: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2022 @ 2:30 PM]
  • Before the Church Conference, the D.S. will hold an informational meeting with the church membership. [SCHEDULED: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 @ 6:30 PM]
  • The leadership of the church will hold 2 additional information sessions to inform the congregation about disaffiliation. [SCHEDULED: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 @ 6:30 PM & SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 @ 6:30 PM]
  • These sessions along with the meeting with the D.S. will be shared in a letter to all members of the church. [READ LETTER]
  • When the Church Conference is scheduled, the membership will be informed. [LETTER, NEWSLETTER & EMAIL]
  • The Church conference will only be open to church members. The vote threshold to disaffiliate is 2/3 of those members present at Church Conference. You have to attend in person to vote.
  • If the votes counted meet or exceed 2/3 majority, we will hold a 2nd vote to join the Global Church.
  • Our disaffiliation from the UMC has to be ratified by our Annual Conference in June 2023. Once our church pays it's disaffiliation fees, our disaffiliation will be final.
  • If the vote to join the GMC passes, we will join the GMC effective the same day we leave the UMC.

Where do we go if we vote to disaffiliate?

The decision to leave the UMC is not just about what we are leaving behind. It's also about where we are going. The Global Methodist Church allows us a place where we can "change to remain the same." To learn more about the GMC, go to www.globalmethodist.org.

For a chart comparing the current United Methodist Church and the Global Methodist Church, click below.

denominational comparisons